Performed by our Tuesday, MA, MB, Friday and Saturday students.

The show opens with the launching of the R.M.S. Titanic, as she sets out from London on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic. As the story unfurls, we catch glimpses of the lives and stories of the people on board, as well as the men who got them there. From the workers in the boiler room to the first-class attendants; from the poorest passengers, who scraped together their life savings to purchase third-class tickets to America, to some of the wealthiest men of the Victorian age.

Full of beautiful and memorable characters, based on the heart-wrenching stories of the real men and women involved, Titanic is a powerful exploration of the tragic sinking of the legendary “Unsinkable Ship”.

An exclusive preview of the show can be found here.




Performed by our M3, M4 and M5 1 students.

The Little Match Girl takes place in London, with Emma, a young girl, selling matches in the street. Unsuccessful, but reluctant to return home empty handed, she lights one of the matches to warm herself up. All of a sudden, she is thrown into the heart of an imaginary kingdom, where she finds her grandmother held prisoner by the cruel Fragotov. Will she manage to beat Fragotov and save her grandmother?

The story of The Little Match Girl, a musical adaptation of the famous Hans Christian Andersen tale, is a fantastic adventure full of endearing characters and unexpected twists and turns.


bugsy malone

bugsy malone

Performed by our M5 2 and M6 students.

1929. New York. Dandy Dan's hoodlums are terrorising the streets, having recently obtained "splurge guns" and raided Fat Sam’s bar: The Grand Slam Speakeasy. Now Bugsy Malone, a smooth-talking city slicker, is thrust into the gangster limelight when he becomes Fat Sam’s gang’s last chance for survival.

Bugsy Malone follows the rivalry of the two gangs, as well as the romantic rivalry between wannabe movie star Blousey Brown and the speakeasy's star performer Tallulah to win Bugsy's heart.


Musical in Love

Musical in love

Performed by our Sunday students.

What happens when you combine magical transportation with the casts of musical theatre shows spanning across the ages? Here’s where we find out! Follow our narrators from the plains of Africa to the streets of France; from 1950’s America to 1980’s England. With toe-tapping tunes from The Lion King, Grease, Les Miserables, Billy Elliot, and many more besides, the stars of our show must try to put themselves back in the right stories.

Musical in Love takes you on a hilarious and entertaining journey, travelling through both time and space, through a brief history of musical theatre.