Le Centre de Danse du Marais


In the heart of the Marais, through the archway of 41 Rue du Temple, you will find yourself in a paved courtyard, where a dance centre livens up the streets of Paris!

Enjoy an immersive dance experience in the most unexpected of places!

For almost 50 years, our little community has moved to the rhythm of music and dance. There is never a moment of silence, with singing, dancing and theatre from 9 am all the way through to 10 pm!

Around 70 different dance disciplines are taught by over 100 teachers. This magnificent building resonates with the sounds of Flamenco and the beats of African percussion. 

A constant stream of dancers of all ages and abilities come in and out of our studios; from experienced classical dancers to those who are just starting out – in African, Contemporary, Jazz, Salsa, Funk, Hip Hop, and many more. 

The beautiful sounds of opera singing mingle with the soft tones of jazz music. The dancers have the opportunity to breathe, to relax, and to re-energise. From Shakespeare, to Goldoni, to Molière: all find their place within these historic walls.

Attracting both national and international clientele, the Centre radiates a strength and energy that is second to none. The magic of the place is immediately apparent as soon as you enter the courtyard.

Whether you are a dancer yourself or merely passing through, everyone is welcome to come and share in the spirit of the Centre de Danse du Marais.

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